Band Bio

Faldo's Toy was formed in 1995 in Oakland, California as an original modern jazz instrumental quartet. The members are seasoned musicians with extensive live and studio experience. Feeding off the creativity and musicianship of one another, the band writes as a whole and believes that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

 With their 1997 debut release, "Icon", the band stretched preconceived notions of jazz by fusing jazz, rock and funk with intruiging melodic themes, powerful dynamics and deep haunting grooves. 2005 sees the release of the group's second album, "Twisted Pea Soup". "Soup" continues to break new ground featuring innovative melodic concepts, blissed out harmonies, bebop infused solos, and latin influences.


The music of Faldo's Toy is not only captivating to listen to, but very entertaining to experience live. The group's ability to communicate and anticipate creates a tight sound, full of energy and enthusiasm that always pleases fans.

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